Belize offshore company formation: same day service


Belize offers a unique and attractive environment for the formation of offshore companies. A Belize IBC (International Business Company) is subject to The Belize IBC Act; recognised globally as one of the leading offshore corporation laws and designed to meet the various needs of international investors. The favourable regulations in Belize make company registration a quick and easy process and Titoff Realty usually completes this through the Belize IBC Registry in less than five hours.

Belize IBCs are usually formed for the purposes of offshore banking through which international trade, asset protection, tax planning and other investment requirements are conducted. The Belize IBC can be involved in business operations such as the trading of goods and services but due to its flexibility, the company can also be utilised in alternative offshore activities, ranging from real estate ownership and estate planning to structuring wealth plans and tax optimisation.

Benefits of a Belize IBC

In addition to being exempt from tax in this jurisdiction, the formation of a Belize IBC provides its owners with a number of other significant advantages. The most notable benefits are the high levels of confidentiality and the fact that the IBC is not subject to the usual requirements of company reporting. That is, a Belize IBC is not obliged to disclose its fiscal information under any information-exchange agreements to third parties. In lieu of any tax payments, Belize IBC’s are only liable for a fixed annual fee, payable to the Belize Government, which is US$150 as of April 2018.

Why Titoff Realty Ltd.?

As a business based directly in the heart of Belize City, we have unique access to local knowledge of the market and are specialists in IBC incorporation and all aspects of offshore business. We offer a streamlined incorporation process with prompt client services.

Our offshore formation options

At Titoff Realty, we recognise offshore company formation is not a one-size fits all service, which is why we offer four tiers of support: E-Pack, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each tier includes the basic, same day company formation service, but customers can then tailor the package they want based on available budget and business needs.

For those looking for just a basic set-up package, our popular E-Pack provides all the essentials required for their offshore formation and may be a suitable option. However, some individuals or organisations may need apostille certification or additional nominee director services, and, for those seeking a higher level of personal privacy, a general Power of Attorney may also be required. Our higher-tiered packages offer these and various other offshore banking services.

Please select the best option for your offshore formation needs from our packs below. The purchase process is straightforward and easy to complete and, of course, if you have any questions please contact one of our experienced customer service officers who will guide you through the benefits of each package and help you find the option most appropriate to your needs.


  • Same Day Company Formation
  • Set of all corporate documents
  • Registered Office Service
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Corporate Seal
  • International Express Delivery by DHL
  • Certification by Apostille
  • Bank Introduction Service
  • Nominee Service
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Set of digital company documents (PDF)