Offshore Companies

International Business Company (IBC)

An IBC, or international business company, is the most common type of offshore corporation, used all over the world for asset protection and tax planning. This type of private company is exempt from tax in its home country, and also has a high level of confidentiality when it comes to ownership structure. Further, it’s not subject to reporting requirements.

How Do You Incorporate in Belize?

A Belize IBC is incorporated under the Belize International Business Companies Act, which is specifically designed with offshore investors in mind. Incorporation is fast and easy – usually you can be incorporated in just a few hours, often as little as one hour.


No tax. Plain and simple. You pay no tax in Belize. Further, Belize doesn’t disclose any financial information to foreign parties. Your confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed. In terms of what can and can’t be disclosed, Belize is absolutely the safest, most secure offshore jurisdiction.

Belize is also highly accessible – flights go to and from Belize daily in and out of the United States. Further, the telecommunication system is modern, so you can be assured of reaching whoever you need to contact by means of cell phone service.

Time Zones

If you’re working globally, Belize is in a great place. 5 pm in London is midnight in Belize. Midnight in Hong Kong is 10 am in Belize. So if the business day is just wrapping up in Europe and the far east, you’re just getting started. This is really useful if you’re working in the Asian market.


Why is Belize the most secure tax haven? It’s because in 1990, Belize introduced financial services laws that were specifically designed to create a tax haven. Belize had learned from the mistakes that other tax havens had made, and designed its legislation very carefully, with the goal of becoming the ultimate tax haven.

Belize will never disclose any fiscal or banking information to your home country, even when the grounds for that request are suspicion of tax evasion.

Fast Incorporation

Getting incorporated in Belize is incredibly fast – it usually takes just a few hours.

Flexible Structure

In Belize, you can structure your company in whatever way works best. You can have one shareholder, and one director – and they can both be the same person. You don’t have to have directors or shareholders based in Belize. You don’t have to appoint other officers – although you can if you want.

It Just Makes Sense

Given the flexibility of incorporating in Belize, it simply makes sense to do so. You have the ability to structure your company the way you want, and you benefit from not having to pay local taxes or being bound by the regulations of your home company.

If we can help you with any questions or concerns regarding incorporating in Belize, then get in touch with us at Titoff Realty Ltd. today. We’ll be more than happy to help you get incorporated in Belize.